Accessing our True Potential


I’ve often wondered if organisations really understand what true learning and development is about … how to stimulate and support the real development of individuals and teams within their businesses.

Over the years I have noticed that people who work in this field – not from any motivation other than they believe it works – pay homage to some form of tool or technique to encourage personal development. This could be one of many psychometric tests based on Carl Jung’s psychological archetypes/myths (including the paranormal, the occult and a belief in a parallel universe) sold as science – or a behavioural change process which aims to stimulate new productive behaviours.

What they miss is the fact that we all have the internal potential and power to invoke real change in our lives by the understanding and realisation that we are 100% responsible for creating our reality from the Inside-Out. That all our feelings come directly from our thoughts, that we have innate knowledge, wisdom, creativity and serenity into which we can tap.

Behaviours are outcomes from our thoughts and subsequent feelings … quieten our minds and we are able to change our behaviours.

The outcome from tests will tell us ‘who we think we are’ … not the potential that lies within. In teams an individual is told he/she is ‘XYZ,’ but one of their colleagues is ‘ABD’ and another ‘KGC.’ And, by knowing who they think they are and who their colleagues think they are, they will therefore change their behaviours accordingly!

In reality everyone stays much the same, gets tired of working out how they’re supposed to behave … and continue as they were.


Charlie JacksonComment