“So Much Wasted Time”


A very poignant moment for me when I read the last words of David Cassidy before he died in “Quote of the Day” in the I Newspaper … “So much wasted time.” Similarly when Juist van de Westhuizen the famous South African rugby player explained, when dying from motor neurone disease, that he had come to realise that the only two things that are really important in life are health and time! If our health fails so our time here is reduced.

We all know that we have a finite period of time on this earth and yet it often looks as if many people feel their time here is infinite and pay no attention to their physiological, mental or spiritual health. Only when one of these begins to create problems does health become a focus of attention.

“Wasted Time” is an interesting thought. I wonder how you might define this in your own life … for example, could it be worrying about a future event or a relationship, feeling guilty or angry about a past event, ultimately realising that so little of our time is spent in the present. When we begin to understand that all our emotions derive directly from our thoughts, rather than outside circumstances, we can quieten our mind and truly enjoy the present. The past has gone and is an illusion. The future, also an illusion, has yet to come.

As Sydney Banks* explained … “Everyone is doing the best they can given the thinking that seems real to them.”

*Sydney Banks was responsible for uncovering the Three Principles paradigm of Mind, Consciousness and Thought

(Photo credit Astacus)

Jayne Caudle